The grand tycoon holding group aims to carry forward the culture of the Chinese nation, the culture is the blood of the nation, the backbone of the country and the spiritual home of the people. From the promotion of the national cultural soft power to promote the great development and prosperity of the socialist culture. We have become more and more clear to see the culture in the era of the wave surges in cry, increasingly feel the culture in the depths of the soul, jumping rhythm, Chinese cultural industry is being ushered in the best period of development.

Make full use of the advantages of cultural resources group, through the operation of the capital, equity transfer, investment financing and other forms of culture to revitalize the stock of assets, the use of the financial means the bigger and stronger cultural capital, a cultural development and prosperity of Dongfeng sail, do to boost cultural industry practitioner, we are very lucky! With the help of Chinese civilization to inherit the great strategic platform of the Innovation Zone, we have a solid foundation and a strong backing.