The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to strengthen cultural confidence and promote the prosperity of socialist culture. Culture is the spiritual pillar of a country's survival and development, the soul of the nation, the backbone of the country, and the spiritual home of the people. China's cultural industry is ushering in the best period of development in history. As Chinese in the new era, sensing the rapid development of the great motherland, we have the responsibility and mission, constantly surpass ourselves, continue to vigorously carry forward the Chinese national culture, and promote it We should make our due contributions to the great development and prosperity of socialist culture.

      Make full use of the group's advantages in cultural resources, revitalize the cultural stock assets through capital operation, equity transfer, investment and financing and other forms, make use of financial means to expand and strengthen the cultural stock capital, and take advantage of the east wind of cultural development and prosperity to set sail for a long distance, and be a practitioner of promoting the cultural industry. We will help each other in the same boat. We will try our best to overcome the long wind and waves. We will sail straight to the sea. The era has entrusted us with an important mission and a golden opportunity for development.

      New starting point, new speed, new blood, new life! We have to move forward, keep forging ahead, blaze new trails, and climb the summit bravely!